holiday apartment elisabeth am see® opportunities With elisabeth am see®, architect Jörg Becker and management trainer Eva Loschky have realized a dream with much passion and sacrifice. In doing so they have created a place designed to give you freedom in return. Space, which you can fill yourself as you wish. Whether you are simply seeking regeneration or want to write a book, it does not matter how you choose to spend your time in this hideaway on the lake. All your wishes find an open ear and can be put in motion as the opportunities present themselves. As a result, you will not experience anything between your way of breakfasting and turning in for the night that does not reflect your perspective. And because this vision is as individual as you are, we highly recommend you to talk to us in advance. Because elisabeth am see® has everything – just nothing conventional. The immediate surroundings in Potsdam and Babelsberg as well as the short distance to Berlin also open up possibilities for interesting excursions. Or you might want to use elisabeth am see® as alternative accommodations during a movie filming. This exclusive refuge is just as available for workshops and conversations at a top management level. Determine your corporate strategy into the future, for example, or negotiate with your business partners. Complete discretion, quiet and seclusion are guaranteed. But here, in contrast to a sterile airport conference room or a hotel, an exclusive environment is combined with the necessary space to allow your thoughts to gaze into the distance in order to look ahead. We already look forward to hearing from you and discovering how you would like to exploit elisabeth am see®.

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