holiday apartment elisabeth am see® chronology

„Sei ein gutes faules Tier, streck‘ alle Viere weit von Dir.
Komm‘ nach Caputh, pfeif‘ auf die Welt und auf Papa, wenn Dir’s gefällt!“

Albert Einstein

„Und sind die Zeiten noch so mies, Caputh bleibt immer Paradies“
Elisabeth Becker

elisabeth am see® has been family-owned since 1903. From the beginning it served as a retreat from the pulsing life of Berlin for the Schusters, an affluent textile merchant family. In 1915, the pavilion was built directly on the bank of the lake to complement the existing, older building.

During World War I the property increasingly became a refuge for the family and their friends. In the 20s and 30s, elisabeth am see® became a meeting place for leisure, sports and political discussions. The family maintained an open home. In 1930 the existing two-storey clinker construction building with attic was constructed to then modern standards. During the war, it was a refuge not only for the family but also for many friends from war-plagued Berlin. Members of the family who were involved in the war, returned to this “sacred place” as often as possible for regeneration and to maintain contact. In 1944, the first child of Elisabeth Becker was born in Caputh. Following that, Elisabeth Becker fled from Caputh and began a new life in Allgaeu. Between 1947 and 1989 the property stood under compulsory administration and was resided in by 4 tenants. Seven outbuildings and “Datsches” were erected on the grounds

Following German Reunification in 1989, the building was transferred back to Elisabeth Becker and it experienced an arduous re-construction to recapture the uniqueness of this place. Elisabeth Becker always combined her stays in Caputh until her death in 2004 with the happiest moments of her life: friends, family, sailing, sports, freedom.

Step-by-step the heir and architect, Jörg Becker, returned the property to its former dominant character: The grounds were newly designed, the dock renovated and the house carefully modernized. The attic was newly constructed in 2000 and received a wonderful viewing platform. The first floor residence was re-modelled and modernized in 2000. In 2008/2009 the entire physical plant technology was brought up to the most modern, energy-efficient standards and a mezzanine and basement area equipped with a spa lounge. There were three operative words: exquisite, exclusive, elegant! At the moment two residences in the home are rented long-term; the living experience in the mezzanine and the basement area, however, remain the highlight for the owner and her guests!

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