Review elisabeth am see®

Family Keilbach and Family Weiss from Messel

Mid-July, in the best weather, we Four were able to enjoy this beautiful property. The homepage promises – by the way very detailed – very much and made us especially curious. We were very excited.

What we found exceeded our expectations. The apartment was perfect, had everything you need: if you like to cook together, the SPA area, breakfast for four at the sea terrace belonging to the apartment, before briefly swimming a few trains in the lake, despite the many technical „Gimmicks“ and modernity very comfortably furnished apartment, and, and, and  …

Unfortunately we only had five days, so we often asked ourselves the question: Do we decide for the planned sightseeing or do we just enjoy the apartment, the garden and the terrace on the lake in peace? We will definitely come back, but longer.

Finally, we would like to thank the owners of this property, Eva Loschky and Joerg Becker. They have done a lot to make us feel at home, despite being 600km away from it.

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