From the South:
Merge at motorway interchange (19) Potsdam from the A9 to the A10.

From Berlin:
At motorway interchange Funkturm travel onto A115. At motorway interchange (9) Nuthetal merge from the A115 to A10 in the direction of Hannover, Leipzig, Magdeburg, A10.

From A10:
Exit the A10 at Michendorf in the direction of Michendorf, Beelitz, B2 and drive until you turn left into Luckenwalder Strasse (L73). Then turn right at Potsdamer Strasse and then left into the Caputher Chaussee (K6909). Leave Caputher Chaussee (K6909) and drive straight ahead to Michendorfer Chaussee (K6909). Turn right into Straße der Einheit. Leave Straße der Einheit and drive further straight ahead on Weberstrasse until you turn right into Krughof. Follow the street further until you can only drive left or right. The destination is directly in front of you.